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Dr. Giangiulio practices in Newport Beach, CA, where he treats an array of professional and amateur dancers, athletes, martial artist and entertainers.  Since 1994, his chiropractic practice has been geared towards the treatment and prevention of dance and sports injuries.

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Direct-Pay Practice

We have been a Direct-Pay Practice since 1998.  Long ago, Dr. Giangiulio saw how the insurance companies and government agencies were reducing the type of services and availability of care to patients, just to save money.  They were tying doctors' hands, stopping doctors' abilities to provide quality healthcare.  Flash forward to today's healthcare environment, we can now see the devastating effects of bad policies and a system that no long cares about the patient as a person.  A system that only see the patient as an expenditure.


With the Direct-Pay Practice System you are back in charge of your health care.  Accompanied by a doctor who not only sees you as a person, but treats you as a member of his family.

  • What is "Direct-Pay"? 

Direct-Pay is when a patient pays a nominal fee for their office visit at the time of service, instead of relying on an outside company to make these payments.  In this system, doctors can charge significantly less than what they would have to bill the insurance company.  This means no more costly surprise bills, four months down the road, because the insurance company decided not to pay.

  • Why can't the doctor just write off or charge me less for the unpaid charges and my deductible?

That would be an easy answer, but unfortunately, according to "no split fee scale" law, a doctor must hold patients accountable for all deductibles and all fees not paid by the insurance companies, or the doctor may face charges and be banned from practicing. It is illegal for a doctor to write off these types of charges.

  • Why "Direct-Pay"? 

Direct-Pay is for people who want to choose their doctor and want a doctor who can provide the best services, instead of the service allowed by an insurance company or government agencies.

  • Will my Insurance Company Reimbursed Me?

Patients may request a copy of the office superbill as a receipt of payment for their records.  This may be sent to your Insurer; however, we do not and cannot guarantee reimbursement by third parties based on this office superbill/receipt.

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