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"If you give a man a fish he will have a single meal. If you teach him how to fish, he will eat all his life." - Kuan-tzu

Dance Health Lectures

(Great for Summer Intensives, dancers, dance educators and parents of dancers)

  • Dancers are Athletes (60min) - helps dancers understand that they must work to prevent dance injuries. This lecture includes discussions on cross-training do's & don'ts, proper rest, proper dance nutrition (not Fad diets), hydration (How Much?), and dancing and smoking don't mix.

  • How to Dance While Injured (30min) - teaching dancers the rules to follow so they may dance without further injuring themselves.

  • Think-Up for Dancers Workshop (60min) - helps dancer of all genres understand the importance of Thinking Up. It's effects on foot control, hip turn-out and all techniques. This workshop also includes the topic of sloppy shoulders. It is more than just a lecture; it helps dancers self-evaluate and teaches dancers how to improve upon their techniques via proper biomechanics and motor control. It teaches dancers how to move & how to improve.


Chiropractic Health & Rehabilitation Lectures

Chiropractic Lectures

Dr. Giangiulio's chiropractic presentations cover the history to modern day concepts of chiropractic through the eyes of research. Answering questions such as:

  • What is Subluxation and Manipulation?

  • Are chiropractic treatments safe and effective?

  • Are there any risk to chiropractic treatments?


Kinesiological & Rehabilitation Lectures

Dr. Giangiulio's lecture series, "Chiropractic Rehabilitation", ties together active care by providing the foundational science of multiple approaches to rehabilitation including topics such as

  • Functional anatomy and biomechanics

  • Myofascial connections to stability and mobility

  • Locomotion and motor control

  • Exercise physiology and prescription

  • Functional assessments and exercises

  • Balance assessments and exercises


Adjunctive Care Lectures

Dr. Giangiulio's lectures on adjunctive physical care explains the technical aspects and physics of physical modalities as well as the proper applications of the modalities.


Chronic Pain Lectures

Dr. Giangiulio also provides presentations on clinical approaches to Chronic Pain Syndrome and chronic low back pain - how to identify and care for patients before their conditions become chronic!


Custom Designed Lectures

Dr. Giangiulio is always willing to create lectures on health topics of your choice.

Media Expert - Health & Fitness

Dr. Giangiulio is also a sought after media expert in the fields of health, fitness and dance.  He makes himself available for appearances and interviews for show segments, news outlets, magazines and websites.

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