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"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." - Bruce Lee


Martial Arts & Dance (a common history)

There is the reason why Dr. Giangiulio has dedicated his practice to both martial arts and dance injuries. The two art forms have been intertwined throughout the centuries, sharing common techniques and hidden messages.  In many cultures, martial arts masters were forced to hide their martial arts training in the form of dance to avoid persecution.  In this way they were able to preserve and teach their heritage to future generations.


Students of dance and martial arts must be diligent in practice to control their bodies, minds and spirits.  Each of these art forms require full dedication to master a state of Mushin (no mind) where the practitioner's body moves effortlessly, without thought, to the natural rhythms of life.  Most dancers do not realize that they are practicing the martial arts when they learn dance techniques from other cultures, such as, from Africa, Asia, India and the Pacific Islands.

Martial Arts & Chiropractic

Martial art techniques are based on proper neurological function and body alignment to perform feats of flexibility and strength.  It just so happens that Chiropractic is a healthcare system based on improving neurological function and proper body alignment to promote optimal health and body performance.  Chiropractors, like Dr Jack, who are skilled in applying manual Adjustments are able to stimulate martial artists' neurological systems to facilitate their physical and mental abilities.

Martial Arts Chiropractor

Martial Artists need more than Adjustments; they need a doctor who fully understands what they do and most importantly how to properly return them back to the mat.  Dr. Jack’s decades of experience in martial arts, fitness and health care allows him to truly understand martial arts injuries and martial artists' psyches.  Below is a list of fighting arts that Dr Jack has had some formal training in; however, Dr Jack avidly researches and explores other martial arts in non-formal settings. 

Martial arts studied through the years:

Aikido (Aikikai) - Genti Penneweart > Seiichi Sugano > Morihei Ueshiba

BJJ - Brady Fink > Waldomiro Perez Jr. > Marcelo Behring > Rickson Gracie > Helio & Carlos Gracie

Center Axis Relock (Tactical Pistol)  - Tim George > Paul Castle

Chinese Kenpo - Jerry Meyers > Ed Parker

Filipino Martial Arts (Lameco Eskrima & Kali Ilustrisimo) - Hans Anton Tan

Jeet Kune Do Concepts - Jim Howell > Paul Vunak > Dan Inosanto > Bruce Lee

Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do - Jerry Meyers > Bruce Lee & Dan Inosanto

Krav Maga - Tommy Crouch (PMA)

Lucay Lucay Kali/Escrima - Jerry Meyers > Bruce Lee & Dan Inosanto

Lucay Lucay Kali/Escrima - Jim Howell > Paul Vunak > Dan Inosanto > Bruce Lee

Shotokan Karate - West Chester University

Tae Kwon Do / Hapkido – Byung Yul Kwak, Thomas Marshall, and others

Western Fencing – West Chester University Team/Club

Weapons used during training:

Epee Sword, Foil Sword, Sai & Bokken

Dragon Staff (Three Sectional Staff) & Nunchachu

Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Escrima/Kali Sticks, Knight Stick & Tonfa

Fixed Blade Knife, Butterfly Knife, Throwing Knives & Tanto

Pistols, Darts & Stars

Sports Injury Experience

Dr. Giangiulio is also known for his work as an independent doctor for professional athletes from NBA, NFL, MLS, AVP, NVAP and NASCAR teams.

Below is a brief list of Dr. Giangiulio past Tour Doctor positions:

National Volleyball Association Pro-Women Volleyball League
Association of Volleyball Professionals - Pro-Beach Volleyball
Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) - “Spike-iT-Up”
California Police Olympics
Huntington Beach Marathon
UCI Corporate Olympics
Numerous Individual Athletes

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