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The Offices of Dr. Jack R. Giangiulio, D.C. is a Direct-Pay practice not reliant upon insurance companies for payment.  By doing this, it allows us to decrease our fee scale and decrease the cost of healthcare to the patient.

Our practice ranges from professional entertainers and athletes to struggling dancers and single mothers.  Our fees are set with a low margin to allow everyone the ability to obtain quality healthcare.


Administrative Discount

 We are allowed to provide discounts to patients paying in physical cash as it reduces the amount of administrative work.

We may further reduce our fees by offering contractual discounts to the following groups of people:

Dancer & Martial Artist Discounts

We understand the financial strain on families 

Non-civilian Discounts - (military, police, sheriff, etc.)

We appreciate the sacrifices our heroes and their families endure – thank you so very much

Student Discounts - (non-dependent students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate curriculums)

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