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"Practice does not make perfect: perfect practice makes perfect!" - Jack R Giangiulio, DC, BS

Dance & Chiropractic

Dance is an art form based on proper body alignment to perform beautiful feats of agility and strength.  Chiropractic is a healthcare system based on proper body alignment to promote optimal health and body performance.

Chiropractors are specifically trained  and educated in applying biomechanical treatments that will effect the body's neurology to improve a dancer’s abilities.

The rigors of dance cause alterations in joint alignments, whether the joint is in your foot or in your spine.  These alterations prevent proper joint motion and may cause injury and muscle tightness.

Joint alterations will also effect a dancer’s ability to create the proper lines of technique and over time, if left untreated, will lead to undesirable dance habits.

Dance Chiropractor

It is important for a dancer to find a chiropractor who specializes in Dance Injury.  Dancers need more than adjustments; they need a doctor who fully understands how to treat dance injuries and most importantly how to properly return dancers back to dance (as soon as possible). 

In addition to returning the dancer to the stage, the chiropractor must correct alterations in the dancer’s techniques to prevent future re-injuries.

When dancing with pain, dancers' bodies will automatically alter their lines to avoid the pain.  The longer this continues, the more the altered lines are neurologically ingrained and incorrectly assumed as dancers' normal lines of techniques.  Improper dance lines will lead to further injuries.  In fact, most dance injuries stem from altered dance lines.

Dance Specific Rehabilitation

If a dancer’s lines of technique have been altered, it is imperative for the dancer to be treated with Dance Specific Rehabilitation.   Dance Specific Rehabilitation should not be based in strength training as strength training will cause unnecessary overuse, fatigue and lead to more injuries.

Dance Specific Rehabilitation involves advance neuromuscular control training and movement training to reconnect the dancer’s body with the lost lines of techniques.

Dr Giangiulio's Dance Specific Rehabilitation Program

Created by Dr Jack, this one of a kind program reconnects dancers with their lost lines of dance to produce dramatic changes in dancers' abilities while at the same time stopping the unnecessary wear and tear that causes pain and injuries.

Improve Turn-out

Improve Pirouettes

Stop Nagging Injuries

Move with Grace & Elegance

Dr Jack has coupled his decades of dance injury experience with his advanced knowledge of neurology, motor control, locomotion and biomechanics to develop a unique system of dance specific functional exams and neurological exercises that assess and improves a dancer's center, movements, hip turn-out, foot control , pelvis control and shoulder control.

Photo of dance lines linked to open a Dance Rehabilitation .pdf
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